Best Dog Breeds For Families With Kids

Almost 75 million dogs have been adopted into homes that already owned at least one dog. Multi-dog homes are often good for families with kids. There are other dogs to play with so a dog is not expecting constant attention from your children, or you, all the time, and there is always another dog to play with when the family …
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Gentle hands

Kind hands protect a young Jack Russell terrier puppy.

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Proud Mama

Proud Mama in Naples.

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Brave First Responders Rescue Cats who Survived California Fire

Cali Fire Facebook Page

Wildfires can rage across regions and change directions quickly, giving families little time to evacuate or return for their pets if they’re not home when the evacuation order comes. Thankfully, two cats not only managed to survive the California Tubbs Fire, but then both attracted the attention of firefighters so they could receive necessary medical treatment and thrive.

One cat in Sonoma County was found by the CAL FIRE Deputy State Fire Marshal, Jose Duenas. Jose had been conducting damage assessment inspections in areas hit by the fire when he saw a badly injured cat. According to the CAL FIRE Facebook page, Jose “tended to the cat until animal care could arrive to rescue” the injured animal. They reported that animal control cared for him, the cat was “in good spirits” and that they hoped to reunite the cat with his family.

Commenters on the post showing Jose with the rescued cat carefully wrapped in Jose’s jacket expressed gratitude for the hardworking firefighters who not only saved people, but beloved pets. One, Wendy Conteras, wrote, “…it makes my heart happy that this firefighter saved him [the cat]. I hope the little kitty recovers and is reunited with his family.” Another commenter, Joyce Baer Schiller was particularly touched by Jose’s actions, writing “Giving the cat your jacket and tending to it is such a humane act….Stay safe, and thank you for going above and beyond!”

Another cat took refuge under a car in Santa Rosa. According to The Tribune, Sonoma County Sheriff’s deputies noticed the cat while doing a sweep of a completely destroyed neighborhood. They realized the poor feline needed help. Their body cam footage, seen below, shows the officers on their hands and knees gently reassuring the cat and letting her sniff their fingers. The officers even offered food to the cat, though she was too stressed to eat.

Once the cat was out, they carefully put a slip lead on her to reduce the risk that she might run away from fear and hurt herself more. They noticed that her paws were bleeding and badly burned. One officer can be heard commenting sympathetically, “Oh, poor girl.” The deputies grabbed water for the cat, but wisely decided to leave treatment to animal control to avoid accidentally causing more damage. The officer assures the cat, “you’re safe now” before they carry the cat to their vehicle.

Cat being rescued by police

The department shared the video on their YouTube channel which turned out to be a great idea. KTVU News reported that Ed Ratliff lived in the neighborhood shown in the video. Ed had lost everything in the fire. When flames appeared, his cherished Siberian cat, Milo, ran away and Ed was unable to find her before he needed to evacuate.

The video that the sheriff’s department had shared had started to go viral (it now has over 24,000 views) which led to relatives of Ed’s spotting the video, according to They noticed that the cat looked like Milo and told Ed. Ed was “stoked” to learn that his cat was alive and seemed to only have minor injuries. The two were happily reunited – one family back together and able to face the future.

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We’re Ready For You, Summer Sunshine

This post is in partnership with Aveeno Baby Suncare at Walmart. Thank you for supporting the brands that help make Bubby and Bean possible.

After what felt like the longest winter we’ve ever experienced here in Chicagoland (I mean, it snowed in late April), we are basking in the early summer sunshine like you wouldn’t believe. My little ones want to be outside incessantly, and I don’t blame them. There is something truly magical about these first days of being able to enjoy the outdoors again. No matter where my kids are – from school to activities to their grandparents’ houses to at home – they are outside. And they’ve been going to their favorite outdoor place of all – the park – almost everyday. It’s making all of us incredibly excited for summertime (which officially begins on Thursday!) and all of the adventures we’ll get to have in the sun.

All of this early summer outdoor time has also been a great reminder for me to start focusing on suncare for the season and protecting their skin from the sun’s harmful ways. Essley had an injury at school a few months ago that left a small scar on her face, and her pediatrician told us that the absolute best thing we could do for it was to use a gentle sunscreen on it like AVEENO® Baby CONTINUOUS PROTECTION Sunscreen Lotion with Broad Spectrum SPF 50 daily. So while sunscreen is already something we’ve started using for the year, I’ve really been making a conscious effort lately for each of us to have a bottle on hand at all times. Essley keeps a bottle in her backpack for school and activities, I keep one in the car for playdates and park visits, and we keep bottles at the grandparents’ houses too.

When it comes to protecting my babe’s skin with sunscreen, there are all sorts of reasons I use AVEENO® Baby CONTINUOUS PROTECTION Sunscreen Lotion with Broad Spectrum SPF 50 (beyond just the obvious fact that it was recommended by our pediatrician). First of all it’s effective but still natural – with 100% mineral sun blockers and 100% Zinc-Oxide UVA/UVB mineral protection. It’s hypoallergenic, free of parabens, phthalates, dyes and fragrance, and given National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance (and as an eczema sufferer myself, this is a big one). It’s also tear-free so I don’t have to worry when applying it to their faces, and has a gentle, non-whitening formula that applies easily without stinging – which is great when I’m basically having to put it on at the speed of light while they’re frantically trying to get to the slide or swings. And I love that it looks in moisture, and has its special ACTIVE NATURALS® Oat formula that soothes and nourishes my little ones’ skin rather than irritating us. It’s a no brainer for me. As soon as the sunshine hit in April, I stocked up on the twin packs at Walmart (with the $ 5 savings Ibotta offer, woot!) so we can have them with us no matter where we go.

Knowing my kids’ skin is protected every time they’re outside now, I feel like I can really sit back and just enjoy watching them have fun in the sun. My husband and I had the best time watching them laugh and chase each other and just be kids at the park the other day, and it led to us sharing some of our own favorite childhood memories of outdoor play time in the summertime. One of my greatest hopes for my kids is that they are able to create the same wonderful childhood memories that we did during this magical time of the year. It’s early in the season, but so far, I think they’re doing just that.


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