Sassy Pants

Yesterday I set out to try and get pictures of Lacey being sassy.  It isn’t as easy as it sounds.  I have to be 100% engaged with her or it instantly stops – which means I’m shooting with the camera held down near my knees while I’m flailing a big blue ball around with the other hand. I’m also having to keep Coulee entertained at the same time or she turns into a barking, jealous fiend.

But I occasionally fluked out. I wasn’t quite able to capture her cute little run though.. so I’ll have to try again.

Crazy Coulee and Little Lacey

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Carrier Bag

In the bag!

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I am ethically opposed to BSL for all of the reaso…

I am ethically opposed to BSL for all of the reasons outlined above, specially that it encourages discrimination of pit bulls by other powers.
However, this article is written in such a way that it’s not outright lies, but it is certainly designed to mislead. SFACC does not put people in a position as to force them to surrender their pet bc they can’t afford to spay or neuter. The way this is written is incredibly misleading and irresponsible. SFACC will not keep someone’s pet because they cannot afford to redeem them. They work out payment plans. They have the power to refuse to give someone a pet that they can’t pay for, this is true. But it simply isn’t done (unless there are extenuating circumstances that lead them to believe this is in the dog’s best interest).
Additionally, the legislation was put into place because the mayor at that time wanted to ban pit bulls outright. While this version of BSl certainly is not great, it’s vastly better than banning these precious babies altogether.

While I too am against BSL, and understand where Bad Rap is coming from, it’s pretty hard to be against spay neuter for a dog breed that is disproportionally homeless. Personally I wish that it was mandatory spay and neuter for all dogs.

Bad Rap, you’re better than this. You have the moral high ground-don’t squander it by being misleading and misinformed. Additionally, SFACC didn’t write the law. Maybe you should be more critical of the legistlators at city hall and less critical of the men and woman working hard every day to keep the animals of San Francisco safe and who support the pet guardians of San Francisco in countless ways.

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Links I Love

I posted a Links I Love a few weeks ago after not sharing one for months and month, and a few of you told me that you’d missed the posts (one person said “they’re my end of week pick-me-ups,” which I thought was pretty awesome), so I’m going to try to start sharing them once a month or so. I admittedly don’t spend nearly as much time just surfing the internet (do people still say “surfing the net?”) as I did when I was still nursing Emmett (we stopped in May), but if a week passes where I’ve found enough cool stuff, I’ll do my best to share. Sharing is caring and all that.

Target’s new clothing line, Wild Fable, was just released today and I’m kind of loving it.

Can’t stop laughing at these illustrated solutions to “summer boob sweat.”

Feel so weird that it’s already back-to-school season (please summer never leave), but I’ve admittedly been having fun school clothes shopping with Essley. We took advantage of the awesome sale Abercrombie Kids has right now for 40% off kids jeans, tops, hoodies, and more.

Is the skinny brow look on its way back? I have always been a big bushy eyebrow lover. Even in the late 90s, when I plucked mine away to nothing, I secretly couldn’t wait for big ones to come back. But now that caterpillar brows are bigger than ever, it looks like Rihanna and British Vogue have other ideas

These wide leg cropped jeans are giving me life. Buying this weekend.

These conceptual illustrations by Stephan Schmitz about life are so, so good.

Our laundry room remodel felt so big, but we’ve got a much larger remodel project in front of us within the next year – our kitchen. I’m thinking white upper cabinets (I love open shelving but I’m also realistic) and great lower cabinets, but I kind of want to do something totally different for the island and am loving these different colored island examples.

I love this rug so much (seen in image above), mainly because I feel like it wouldn’t look instantly destroyed by my children.

This court audio of immigrated parents separated from their kids is heartbreaking.

One of the wonders of the world is on Air BnB.

I’m totally cheating because this is a link from Bubby and Bean (and it’s also from last week, not this one), but if you haven’t seen this post on how to create storage in a small space (with a focus on our new laundry room), I’d love for you to check it out. It’s one of my favorite posts I’ve ever done.

What if our plastic waste was turned into floating parks?

I can’t stop looking at this mirror. (My wall mirror obsession is very real, guys.)

This quote by Julia Styles on motherhood and social media comments nails it.

Yay for Friday and the weekend! Whatever you have planned, I hope it’s a good one.


Bubby and Bean ::: Living Creatively

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Do Dogs Need Meat?

Halo Vegan Dog Food with Manny the Frnechie

Why a vegan diet is a great choice for dogs with ingredient sensitivity

Isn’t it natural for dogs to eat meat?
Between the growing popularity of the vegan lifestyle and concerns about dogs with protein sensitivities, more people have started feeding their dogs a vegan diet. This has surfaced a few questions, including, whether a vegan diet goes against dogs’ nature. Several studies, including some referenced by Linda P. Case in her article, A Taste for Meat?, and by veterinary nutritionist Dr. Cailin R. Heinze in her article, Vegan Dogs—A healthy lifestyle or going against nature? have demonstrated that eating meat is not innate or required.

Is a vegan diet healthy for dogs?
You’ve probably heard that cats are obligate carnivores, meaning there are nutrients cats need (vitamin A, arachidonic acid, and taurine) that they cannot get from a vegetarian diet. Dogs, however, don’t have that same limitation. They can get the nutrients they need from plants, which is great news for dogs who are sensitive to animal proteins. Plus, dogs’ anatomy—from their gastrointestinal tracts to their molars to their slightly longer small intestine—shows us that they are omnivorous, according to Case, in her article, Dogs are Carnivores, Right?

Will my dog get enough protein with vegan dog food?
A complete and balanced vegan dog food can be a very healthy choice for dogs. You don’t need to worry if vegan dog food has enough protein because Halo® Holistic Garden of Vegan® dog food is made with protein-rich, plant-based ingredients, like peas, chickpeas, pearled barley, and oats. It also uses non-GMO vegetables, and no rice or fillers. Plus, it’s a great choice for dogs who are sensitive to animal proteins.

Can a vegan diet help dogs with allergies?
If your dog has skin or coat issues or other signs that he or she could have an allergy, you may want to try eliminating the top four allergens—meat, dairy, corn, or wheat—from his or her diet. Halo® Holistic Garden of Vegan® has no meat, dairy, corn, or wheat in it, so it’s a great alternative for dogs with these ingredient sensitivities.

The many benefits of being an omnivore
Besides the advantage of not containing major allergens, dogs’ omnivorous diet is important for families who follow a vegan lifestyle, or who prefer not to feed dogs meat for ethical or ecological reasons.


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