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Fiproguard and Fiproguard Plus for Dogs and Cats

The Difference

If you're looking to an alternative to Frontline Plus, check out Fiproguard Plus. Fiproguard Plus contains the same active ingredients as Frontline Plus, giving your pet tha same fast acting, effective protection from fleas and ticks. The difference is in the significantly lower price.

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Fleas and ticks can spread diseases like Lyme disease and sacoptic mange. Protect your dogs and cats with Fiproguard! Just one treatment lasts all month, and will even stay on when wet.

More Info

FiproGuardTM and FiproGuardTM Plus – These are the first approved generic topical products for fleas and ticks containing the same active ingredients as Frontline Top Spot® (fipronil) and Frontline Plus® (fipronil and (S)-methoprene), at the same concentrations. Because they contain the same active ingredients, FiproGuardTM and FiproGuardTM Plus provide the same level of protection and safety profile as Frontline Top Spot® and Frontline Plus®, but are available through pet specialty retailers, making them more convenient. They are also available to consumers at a lower price than the brand-name products. FiproGuardTM kills adult fleas and ticks; FiproGuardTM Plus kills adult fleas and ticks and also contains an IGR, which prevents reinfestation by addressing all stages of the flea life cycle, just as Frontline Plus®. Like Frontline Top Spot® and Frontline Plus®, FiproGuardTM and FiproGuardTM Plus also kill chewing lice in both dogs and cats. The dog formula also kills mites that may cause sarcoptic mange. FiproGuardTM and FiproGuardTM Plus will be available at pet specialty stores nationwide in spring 2011.*

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Fiproguard Plus for Cats
Fiproguard Plus
For Cats
Fiproguard Plus for Dogs up to 22 lbs
Fiproguard Plus
For Small Dogs
Fiproguard Plus for Dogs 23 to 44 lbs
Fiproguard Plus
For Medium Dogs
Fiproguard Plus for Dogs 45 to 88 lbs
Fiproguard Plus
For Large Dogs
Fiproguard Plus for Dogs 89 to 132 lbs
Fiproguard Plus
For Ex-Large Dogs